Quick Questions on Chicago Bears First Practice

What’s with the head-bob?

I liked everything I’ve read today regarding Da Bears first day of minicamp.  Marc Trestman sprinting behind wideouts and cornerbacks and raising his voice on numerous occasions.  That’s enough for me!  If a change of pace is what new General Manager Phil Emery wanted at Halas Hall, that’s exactly what he got.  The vibe I get from our new Head Coach Marc Trestman is so far, so good.  The only question that remains is -  What’s with the head-bob?  I understand that a person speaking should want to make eye contact with everyone in front of him.. But seriously, Coach?  Slow down, it is OK.  BearDownBlog.net will keep an eye on this the next few months:  Does the head-bob only come during certain types of questions?  From certain reporters?  We’ll figure it out – stay tuned!
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The Beard -

I’m like all of the other Bears Fans when I thought Kyle Orton’s Beard was one of the best omens to come around for the Bears in a long, long time.  I was mistaken, we were all mistaken.  But did you happen to see the beard on Jay Cutler?  While it only looks as if the hair is only a day old – just imagine what this masterpiece will look like come December!  Now the only question remains :
Does Jay Cutler shave his bottom lip?  Or does his beard grow naturally perfect?

Jay Cutler-Perfect Beard (soon)


On a more serious note -

Where was our interview with new Defensive Coordinator Mel Tucker?  I am very anxious on his thoughts regarding the first day(s) of practice.  Maybe tomorrow we will hear from the coordinators including New Offensive Coordinator/Line Coach Aaron Kromer.

How great is it that we had a flood of Bears news today?  Before you know it we will be analyzing preseason games!

Stay tuned to BearDownBlog.net over the next few months.  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all of the latest Beard and Head-bobbing updates!

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