Adrian Peterson and the child he lost

Adrian Peterson- Andy King/Associated Press

As my wife and I were shopping at the commissary near my home, I told her about the troubling events that I just found out on Twitter. Minnesota’s star running back, Adrian Peterson, lost a loved one today. The person who died wasn’t an older person who had lived a long life or a person struggling to defeat a disease. The person was a two year old child that had barely, in all honesty, had begun to live.

The reason I brought up my wife and I was because as we shopped, we noticed all the kids running around carefree and happy. The way every kid should act. The way Adrian’s son, who’s name has not been disclosed yet, should have been able to act if he could have grown up. The idea hit me like a ton of bricks, when I just stood there and thought about all of the things this poor child will miss out on. Playing catch with dad. Road trips with his family. Graduating from school. All of that has been taken away from Adrian’s family and from the young child.

The story has taken the National Football League and social media by storm. No one can understand how a horrible act like this could happen in the United States. When in fact, it happens all the time. Approximately 900,000 children are abused every year where nearly 1,500 die by their attackers hands. That’s four a day. Sadly, it gets worse. Eighty percent of all the children that die from abuse are under the age of four. These children are so young, so full of life. It’s a shame that it’s extinguished.

As of now, all the social media outlets are filled with “prayers” or “thoughts” for Adrian Peterson and his family. Please forgive me, but I don’t think that’s enough. I think in the end there’s more to us, as human beings, than that. I believe we can make a difference. It might be small, but I would rather save or help as many kids as I could than just “pray” or “think” about it.

I decided to write this article to raise awareness in child abuse across the country. Right now, this will probably be the highest amount of attention this matter will ever receive due to the fact that the child’s father is Adrian Peterson. That’s the saddest part about this article. I know it and you know it….eventually, people will forget or “let it go.” There’s no reason anyone can’t donate anything from a dollar to even twenty dollars to help stop child abuse.

The NFL does not have anything to help raise awareness for child abuse. The NFL does not offer anything to buy to show your support for the prevention of child abuse. I believe the NFL should change that. As a result, I have a big favor to ask of you. I want to start a petition on this simple blog. I want your name in the comment section saying the NFL should recognize the issue of child abuse, in some way.

Once you have done that, could please send a donation to this organization: Prevent Child Abuse America. Prevent Child Abuse America was founded in 1972 in Chicago and works to ensure the healthy development of children nationwide. There’s absolutely nothing we can do for Adrian’s son but we can do something for children still alive and suffering. Last but not least, help share this article.  Social media is our best way to get everyone’s attention and the more people who see this article, the more awareness we can spread.


Links for more information on child abuse:

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  1. Avatar of Erik Grogan Erik Grogan says:

    I’ll go first.

    Erik Grogan.

  2. Geoffrey Morton.

    The NFL’s influence gives them so much potential to benefit society and I will gladly add my name to something that may prompt them to use it. Every child deserves a stable, loving home.

  3. Avatar of Alex Sateler Alex Sateler says:

    Alex Sateler.

    I think all of domestic abuse awareness would be a great cause for the NFL to take up.

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