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RankingsSMWelcome to week ten rankings of the NFL teams. staff and administrators have assembled this list with with intentions to give you the most accurate and insightful ranking found anywhere. Sure, there are bound to be some contradictions. Do not fret! The rankings will change very soon. In fact, when you check back to next Tuesday for our week eleven rankings, be ready for some teams to rise or fall, based on their performances versus quality teams. Enjoy our rankings and please provide us with feedback. Feel free to comment in our comments section or if it is going to be a hate-filled PFN bashing, please email us at


1   Denver Broncosbroncos  7-1  S  Our thoughts and prayers go out to head coach John Fox as he will spend the next few weeks recovering from a heart valve operation.  There are a few things more important things than football – this is one of them.
 2   New Orleans Saints Saints  6-2  S The NFL has been full of surprises and seeing the Jets beat the Saints was up there. Rex Ryan had a great gameplan for Drew Brees and it worked for most of the game. We do see this game as being just a fluke. Credit where credit is due. The Saints need to hit the books and game tape hard. Everyone in the NFL will be watching that game to see how the Jets were able to contain Drew Brees and Sean Payton.
 3  Green Bay Packersgreenbay  5-3  S
 Losing Aaron Rodgers is a huge blow. Hopefully, the Packers will only lose him for a short amount of time because without Rodgers at the helm, we don’t see Green Bay going very far. Overall, the Packers’ running game was dominating the Bears’ defense. It’s nice to see at least one Alabama running back look legitimate. The Packers’ defense gave up a lot of points to a backup quarterback. The next two weeks will be interesting.
 4   Indianapolis ColtsColts  6-2  S  The Colts are getting hot without their best players. That’s the scary part about this team. Yes, the Colts’ defense is still suspect but they got their act together during the second half. However, none of this would be possible without Andrew Luck. The even scarier part about this team? Andrew Luck is just getting better and better. Imagine when he has some healthier options to throw to.
 5  Seattle Seahawksseahawks  8-1  S  Even though the Seahawks gave the Buccaneers a 21 point lead in the first half, they managed to stay dominant in Seattle (12 in a row).

“That was a huge win… think about the deficit we were under and to be able to comeback in that fashion… that’s big time” Russell Wilson

 6  San Francisco 49ers49ers  6-2  +1  49ers meme2
 7  Kansas City ChiefsChiefs  9-0  +1  The Chiefs’ defense is on pace to be one of the best in recent years, if not ever. They are holding teams to twelve points per game and somehow, winning games when the offense doesn’t score. We would like to point out that the last time a defense carried its team to a Superbowl, had to be around 2006. The Chiefs are still undefeated and still have the best chance of getting into the playoffs.
 8   New  England PatriotsPatriots  7-2  +1  It’s amazing how well a quarterback can play when he has weapons. Amendola and Gronk were finally both healthy and helped out their quarterback tremendously. Tom Brady has been making do with what he has in New England but now with healthy weapons and decent run game, the Patriots looked poised to keep winning.
 9  Cincinnati Bengalsbengals  6-3  -2  The game versus the Miami Dolphins seemed to sum up the entire season for the Bengals. The Bengals are good team but not great. They need some guidance and help and we don’t see that coming from their head coach. All in all, they should have won Thursday night and it was saddening to see them lose with all that talent.
 10  Arizona CardinalsCardinals  4-4  S  Cardinals meme2
 11   Dallas CowboysCowboys  5-4  +1  The Cowboys got a great taste of what the Vikings have been doing to a lot of teams. Granted, the Vikings have a horrible record and quarterback (whoever it is.) But the Cowboys came together and won the game. Romo didn’t pull a Romo. Dez didn’t have a tantrum or cry (except the whole taking off your helmet to argue with a ref thing). Jerry Jones thinks they are the best team in the NFL. So, for one week, Cowboys’ fans can rejoice.
 12    Miami DolphinsDolphins  4-4  +1  This Dolphins’ team is confusing. One game, they are probably one of the worst teams in the league. The next game, they some how hang in there versus teams with more talent than them. We love a team that has some fight in them and the Dolphins have it. Hopefully, they can keep fighting their way to the playoffs but it will be hard with the Patriots and Jets playing extremely better than at the start of the season.
 13  Chicago BearsBears  5-3  -2  Yes. We know the Bears beat the Packers. But we have to be realistic. The Bears need to figure out why their defense is giving up so many yards and why they can’t tackle properly anymore. This defensive unit has lost some key players to injury but that’s not a good enough excuse. At least not in Chicago. The big question for us is this, do you let Cutler rest one more week? McCown has looked great the past two weeks.
 14  Washington RedskinsRedskins  3-5  +2  A tough game and tough win. RG3 was playing very well but we are concerned if he can keep taking some of the hits that he’s been taking game after game. RG3 is what everyone hoped Vick would become. All of these hits will start to take a toll on RG3′s life and career. On a happier note, the offense did look a lot better when the run game was being used properly. At 3-5, it’s still possible for the Redskins to win their division.
 15    Carolina PanthersPanthers  5-3  +3  Beating division rivals has never been Ron Rivera’s strong suit.  There seems to be a major power shift in the NFC South.  Holding Atlanta to 10 points, playing efficient at QB, and one of the toughest defenses in the NFL makes Carolina contenders in the South.  Are they ready for the Saints?  Lets get through the 49ers Sunday, first.
 16   Baltimore RavensRavens  3-5  -1  It is almost funny that the Super Bowl Hangover is a real thing.  Blame whatever you wish – The loss of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, the loss of Anquan Boldin, or the $20 million/year salary of Flacco – you’d be right.  The power in the AFC North has shifted.
 17  Atlanta FalconsFalcons  2-6  -3  The two most notable things from Atlanta this week: 1) Mike Smith’s face was really really really red before halftime.  Is someone getting nervous about their job position?  Hard to imagine a coach with an 88-58 record being on the hot seat.  2) Harry Douglas thought he wanted to fight the entire Carolina secondary after Ryan’s second interception (Ryan had 3).  Harry, we don’t expect you to be Roddy White or Julio Jones, but we do expect you to maintain composure when you get quadruple-teamed .
 18   New York JetsJets  5-4  +4  The Jets are above .500. That’s some crazy words to say. Enjoy it Jets’ fans because we don’t think it will last much longer. The Jets’ defense has been just outstanding and the Jets’ have beaten some really good teams. However, with more and more tape on Geno Smith, we seem teams daring the offense to move the ball and we don’t think Smith is ready for that. Plus, the Jets’ defense can’t keep bailing out or keep the game so close for Geno Smith and company. Eventually, the Jets’ will have to hope that Smith can lead this offense and we don’t see that happening.
19  Detroit LionsLions  5-3  S  Bye week in Detroit
 20   Tennessee TitansTitans  4-4  S  It was only a matter of time before Calvin Johnson broke loose for a big game (150 yards 2 TDs).  Averaging more that 20 carries per game the Titans offensive line may have finally found the cohesiveness to get the run game going.  Colts @ Titans Thursday November 14 just got a lot more interesting.
 21    San Diego ChargersChargers  4-4  -3  While it was apparent that the Chargers had too much firepower for the Redskins defense – it wasn’t enough.  Their defense is atrocious, almost as if they are playing with no linebackers.  If the Chargers want to make an impact this season, they must play more than eight competent defenders at once.  Mike McCoy quote of the day – “Hey, in this business, would’ve, should’ve, could’ve.”
 22  Pittsburgh SteelersSteelers  2-6  -1  55 points is the most ever scored against the Steelers.  Tom Brady made it look easy.

“We are going to comb through this with a fine-tooth comb… and those people who are lacking effort won’t be playing. It’s just that simple.” ~Steelers coach Mike Tomlin

We’d expect the Pittsburgh management to do their own combing soon enough.

 23 Houston Texanstexans  2-6  S  The momentum was on the Texans side and so was the emotions. Losing you head coach at half time, has to inspire, right? The Texans had a nice lead heading into halftime and was hitting Luck, play after play. In the second half, it all fell apart and even though Andre Johnson had a career day, it still wasn’t enough. Sounds like their entire season.
 24   Cleveland BrownsBrowns  4-5  +4  It is so obvious that Jason Campbell is the short term (possibly long term?) solution in Cleveland.  Why did this take Head Coach Rob Chudzinski so long to figure out?
Browns’ fans – be sure to follow Stephen Harvey’s Notes from the Dawg Pound Facebook Page – nobody works ‘em into a frenzy better!
 25  St. Louis RamsRams  3-6  -1  Is it irony that the Rams throwbacks remind us of the L.A. Rams?  Just sayin’!
 26   Buffalo BillsBills  3-6  S  There are some bright spots for the Buffalo Bills.  Stevie Johnson and C.J. Spiller look to be the best running tandem in the league (when healthy).  Safeties Williams and Byrd will make anyone second guess the deep ball.  The Bills got off to a really good start Sunday, they just didn’t have enough in the Tuel box.
 27   Minnesota VikingsVikings  1-7  -2  Once again, Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave and QB Ponder looked in-sync early in the game.  Once again, they blew it.  The Vikings need answers to questions we couldn’t even come up with.  General Manager Rick Spielman says he has no plan to fire Leslie Frazier, so I guess we will hold off that question for another week.
 28    Philadelphia EaglesEagles  4-5  +2  Nick Foles had an outstanding game and played lights out. However, it’s one game and we all remember Matt Flynn’s one game, right? Now that we understand that, we want to point out that if Chip Kelly can get that much out of his offense, where has it been the past few games? At 4-5, it’s seriously not crazy to think that the Eagles could still win their division.
 29  Oakland RaidersRaiders  3-5  -2  The Raiders are such a young team with a quarterback trying to do too much but he’s getting better. To top it all off, the Raiders defense gave up 49 points to an offense that was struggling to put up three points! We would love to see the Raiders play one complete game, is that too much to ask?
30   New York GiantsGiants  2-6  -1  Giants meme2
 31  Tampa Bay BuccaneersBucs  0-8  S  It’s only a matter of time before Schiano is fired. We are just waiting.
 32   Jacksonville JaguarsJaguars  0-8  S  Jacksonville meme2
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